Find your ultimate gratification.

We are looking for creative minds and talents, personalities who hold a true passion in creating efficient digital experiences.

Often, when looking at the positioning of your future dream job, you read about the young & dynamic team that is behind all of it. Yes, with an average age of 23 years that's the case for us too, but we have more to offer than a flat hierarchy, a Club Mate bar and a table tennis table.


We're young, digital, good-looking, and always looking for energetic growth to create the best digital experiences together, as well as expertly staff our open-space office in the Eighth district. We also need increase our monthly team dinners and breakfasts with more people and more liquids.


In addition to some well-known corporations that we have the privilege to support, we can also offer you effective hands-on experience with exciting projects in the regional area, let it be startups, charitable projects or SMEs, where you can really make a difference.

Front End Developer


If Docker has nothing to do with freights, Vue isn't a fashion magazine and Bootstrap doesn't make you think of putting on boots, then you're a good candidate for us as a Dev Genius!

If you feel like coding the freshest stuff every day in a cosy and familiar atmosphere, then start your new existence as a Fox in the Fuchsfabrik, Vienna's nicest and youngest digital agency! 🔥

You are the enrichment?

from 1h/Week

You think you can enrich us with your skills, then show it to us with your initiative!